Rarity Scale


1/1 - auction

The Legendary items are 1/1 and the most exclusive in our ecosystem. They can be a full set of items, and are great for partnerships. They are Auction Based and are the ones to watch!


1/5 - Auction

These items are 1/5 and are our second-most exclusive items that can be a full set or a single item with multiple traits. These items are usually through a partnership or collaboration.


1/25 - 2 SOL

These are small quantity items that are first come first serve. They can either be a single item or an item with multiple traits. They are highly sought after and exclusive.


1/50 - 1 SOL

These small quantity premium items have distinct quality and style. Get’em while they’re hot!


1/100 - .5 sol

Gold teir items have personality and true self expression. These are sure to add distinct character to your Coin!


1/200 - .25 sol

At this tier your items begin to have more personality and begin to be exclusive. As our ecosystem grows these will begin to sell out!


1/300 - .1 sol

This is the entry point of the rarity system! These will set the tone for your coin, and get you started into the ecosystem of personalization.



Free to a good home, these items are simple traits that are included to get you started on creating your own custom coin!

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