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Your personalized NFT buddy,
built on Solana with Metaplex!

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Who's Coinboi?

CoinBoi is the NFT avatar that caters to you, not the other way around. Collect and trade unique NFT attributes to create your perfect CoinBoi.

Rock On NFT Attribute
Diamond Hand NFT Attribute
Silver Mohawk NFT Attribute
Deal With It NFT Attribute
Gold Coin NFT Attribute
Rock On

Why did you make CoinBoi?

We saw the opportunity for an avatar project that was inviting, enabled creativity, and was thoughtfully scalable.

We believe that an economy should be easy to jump into, so that it can flourish. Our project is intentionally inclusive without sacrificing scarcity, value, or scalability.

The Game Plan

soft launch

To kick things off, we will be releasing base coins and the first attribute “Diamond Hand” to mark the OG’s! Make sure to HODL this item, there are surprises in store for the Diamond Hand group in the future.


Our platform launched and is frequently updated with new items, creating a fair and transparent way to showcase and sell unique trait cards, to be later combined into a personalized coin!

build-a-boi workshop

In the not so distant future, our Build-a-Boi workshop will launch! Here you’ll be able to build your CoinBoi and the next set of attributes will be released.


Soon after, collab items will launch! We have a lineup of partnerships with talented artists, projects, and brands that will release signature items so that you can make your CoinBoi as unique as you are and support your favorite creators!

Our Shiny Team

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Contract Developer

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